Lawyer for Business Disputes

Owning a business is both rewarding and challenging. As a business owner, you need to spend your time running your company. When a dispute arises, whether it is a disagreement between business owners or between the business and its insurance company, landlord, vendor, lender, customer, or the government, it is a good business decision to get help immediately from an experienced business law attorney.

Daniel Ross is not just a lawyer. His lifetime of experience as a business owner gives him a perspective and firsthand knowledge that many attorneys do not possess. Contact Ross Law Group to tell us about your business law problem and find out how we can help.

Five Business Disputes that a Lawyer can Help You Win

1. Partnership or Ownership Problems: No one goes into business expecting a partner to be dishonest, but unfortunately it happens all the time. A business partner may try to push you out of the business, use company funds without your knowledge or permission, hide money so you don’t get your share, secretly open a competing business, claim that you are not an owner, or otherwise violate his or her fiduciary duties. Most consultations with Ross Law Group regarding ownership or partnership issues are free.

2. Insurance Claims: A business insurance carrier may deny your company’s claim, not pay the claim in a timely manner, or refuse to pay what the claim is worth. Ross Law Group is very experienced with pursuing cases for insurance claims and unfair settlement practices. Consultations with Ross Law Group regarding business insurance claims are free.

3. Breach of Contract or Deceptive Trade Practices by Vendors or Suppliers: If you don’t get what you pay for, it can cause a domino effect of problems and costs. Hiring a lawyer to pursue your company’s case allows you to spend your time running your business. Most consultations regarding breach of contract or deceptive trade practices are free.

4. Commercial Lease Dispute: Common disagreements arising from commercial leases include the landlord’s failure to provide the space, services, utilities, or other items provided for in the lease agreement. A landlord may try to overcharge you for rent, triple net or shared utilities, or wrongly accuse you of violating or breaking the lease. We charge a very reasonable hourly consultation fee for consultations regarding commercial lease disputes.

5. Defamation or Libel: The internet is a great tool for business, but it has also created serious problems for some companies because of false, damaging information or reviews posted on the internet. If your business has been damaged by a customer or competitor putting untrue, defamatory statements about you online, we may be able to help. We charge a very reasonable hourly consultation fee for consultations regarding defamation or libel.

You want to concentrate on building your business and making a living. Let an experienced business lawyer handle your disputes. Call Ross Law Group today to make an appointment for a consultation.