Ross Law Group Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’ve never had to hire a lawyer before. How do I start?
A. You can call our office or send us an email through this website. When you contact us, one of our legal support staff will guide you through a series of questions designed to indentify the facts, the legal issues, and your damages. This information helps us to determine whether we may be able to assist you with your legal matter. An attorney may talk to you on the phone at that time, or will review your information within one business day. If we think we may be able to halp you, we will make an appointment for you to have a personal consultation with one of our attorneys.

If we can’t assist you with your case, we will do our best to give you information to help you contact other counsel or get more information or assistance though local, state or federal governmental agencies or other resources. Our goal is to help everyone who contacts our firm as much as we can under the circumstances.

Q. I just want to talk to the lawyer on the phone to get some legal advice. Why don’t you do that?
A. Legal advice is not a “one size fits all.” Each situation is different and the laws that apply can be complex, so to give accurate advice an attorney must thoroughly evaluate the unique circumstances of your case. We may provide general information during phone calls or by email, but our lawyers generally don’t give legal advice without a full consultation.

Q. What are Ross Law Group’s consultation fees?
A. Consultations are free for personal injury cases or for wage & overtime claims. Most employment law consultations are free. For some employment-related matters like severance package or non-compete agreement reviews, we have a consultation fee of $350.00 an hour. We also charge a $350.00 hourly consultation fee for consultations involving business contract reviews, business entity formation, commercial lease reviews, defamation or libel claims, and complex litigation.

Q. What happens in a consultation?
A. The first part of our job as attorneys is to evaluate your potential case and tell you what your options are. In our personal consultation, we will discuss the laws that apply to your situation, the kind of evidence you need to prove your case, and the factors that help determine the amount of money you might recover if you are successful.

The basic things required to create a viable claim are liability (someone other than you is at fault), causation (that person or entity’s action caused you harm), and damages (you suffered physical and/or monetary loss due to the harm). Other important questions are whether the injuries or economic damages you sustained are significant enough to justify the time, energy, and expense that are required to pursue a claim, and whether the person or entity that is liable has the ability to pay compensation for your damages or has insurance that will provide coverage.

In consultations regarding severance agreements, non-compete agreements, contracts, and other business disputes or complex litigation, the attorney will review the documents and the facts and discuss the obligations and options of each party under the agreement or contract, enforceability, the potential for negotiation, and the potential ramifications based on different scenarios.

Q. What are my chances of winning my case?
A. We understand that many people want an attorney to promise to win their case or be able to tell them how much money they could get from a lawsuit, but the best answer we can give is that if we take your case, it is because we think there is a chance of obtaining a recovery for you.

We will always be straightforward in giving you an opinion about your chance of success in your case, and in return you have to understand that it’s only that – an opinion. No one can guarantee the outcome of a claim or a lawsuit. The process can be long and difficult.

We will keep you advised as your case progresses and more information is obtained. We will always give you an honest opinion on how much money to demand, whether you should accept a settlement offer, or your chance of success at trial.

What we promise is that we will work hard for you. We will use all of our education, experience, resources, and time to vigorously pursue your claims, represent your interests, and protect your rights.

Q. How long will my case take?
A. Our goal is to resolve your claim as quickly as possible while getting you the best result we can. A case could resolve in as little as a few months or could take several years, depending on whether or not it goes to trial, and if it does, whether there are appeals to higher courts.

Every case is different, but the thing that is always the same is the importance of attention to detail at every step: gathering information and determining your causes of action, marshaling your evidence, overcoming the opposing parties’ defenses, and proving your damages.

Q. Will I have to go to trial?
A. Some cases settle without having to file a lawsuit. If a lawsuit is filed, most cases settle without going to trial, but often the settlement occurs very close to the trial date. We always attempt to obtain fair and reasonable settlement of our client’s cases as they progress. We prefer for our clients to achieve the highest possible settlements without incurring high litigation costs; however, the best settlement can often be achieved only when the defendants and their insurers know that we are prepared and are ready, willing and able to go to trial.

Q. What is a Statute of Limitations?
A. Statutes of Limitations are laws that limit the length of time you have to file a lawsuit after an incident occurs. Statutes of limitations differ for different causes of action and from state to state. If you do not file a lawsuit within the applicable statute of limitations, you will forever lose your right to bring your case and recover damages. The legal area of limitation periods and notice requirements is very complex and is undergoing constant review and change, so it is important to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to discuss your potential case.

Q. What are Ross Law Group’s Attorney Fees?
A. Our firm handles cases under a variety of fee arrangements. For many cases, contingent fee arrangements are the best and sometimes the only way that clients can afford to hire attorneys to pursue their claims. Under a contingent fee agreement, we receive attorney fees only when you obtain a recovery in the case. We agree in advance how the amount of the attorney fee will be determined if a recovery is obtained, often by agreeing to a set of fixed percentages. Under contingent fee agreements, the firm usually advances the expenses needed to pursue the client’s claim, and the case expenses and any associated fees and interest will be reimbursed from the client’s portion of the recovery, if one is obtained. If no recovery is achieved, a client with a contingent fee agreement will not owe our firm for any attorney fees or reimbursement of case expenses, or associated costs.

For some matters, a flat fee for a specific service is appropriate. For some kinds of legal work, we charge by the hour for our legal services. Under those fee arrangements, clients usually pay case expenses as they are incurred.

Q. Do you take cases outside of Texas?
A. Yes, we do accept certain types of cases outside of Texas. In particular, we can represent persons all over the United States with overtime or wage claims brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act and with Whistleblower or Qui Tam cases.

Q. Why should I consider choosing Ross Law Group to represent me?
A. We understand that people don’t usually come to an attorney because things are going well. You’ve come to us because you need help, and we know how to provide it. Our attorneys bring many years of legal experience to the table, and we have proven ourselves in the courtroom by winning cases for our clients against corporate and insurance giants. Our abilities are known and respected in the legal community.


Our commitment is to provide our clients with the highest quality legal work while giving exceptional value for our services, no matter how big or small the case.