History of Ross Law Group | Daniel Ross, Trial Lawyer

Daniel Ross started his law firm in 1998 in a one-room office with a used desk and a borrowed fax machine. From that humble beginning, he has built Ross Law Group into the powerhouse it is today, providing legal services throughout Texas and across the United States in claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act, personal injury cases, employment law matters, and other legal issues.  We have offices in Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio (meetings with a lawyer in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio are by appointment only). With its solid record of success, Ross Law Group has a well-earned reputation for excellence and the respect of the legal community. From the beginning, Dan has kept his primary focus on the same things: helping people who have been injured and helping people whose employers have broken the law.

The full scope of Ross Law Group’s work is broader than personal injury, overtime & wage claims, and employment law. Those areas of the law form the core of a dynamic practice that encompasses litigation of a wide range of civil disputes, whistleblower cases, and also includes assisting people with starting their own businesses, and immigration. Se Habla Español.

Trial Attorneys of Ross Law Group

The theme of Ross Law Group’s work is consistent: we help ordinary working people, often when they are up against powerful opponents. Few people are equipped to take on their employers alone, or challenge insurance companies, big corporations, or international conglomerates and their armies of defense lawyers and paid experts without help. Daniel Ross and the Ross Law Group have battled opponents both large and small and prevailed for our clients.

Daniel Ross is a keen legal strategist, a smart negotiator, and an aggressive advocate for his clients. The lawyers of Ross Law Group are experienced, accomplished, and dedicated. Our legal staff is highly skilled and committed to giving our clients the best service we can. When you choose Dan Ross and the Ross Law Group, you know that you are getting a seasoned team with an excellent track record. We will work with you to provide positive solutions to challenging situations.

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